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History of Alaçatı


In ancient times, Alaçatı was called “Agrilia”. It was at the center of a region called “Ionia” in western Anatolian history, stretching from south of İzmir to the Menderes River. The next “Ionian” town next to the city was called “Erythrai”, a village in Alaçatı now known as “Ildiri”, followed by the island “Chios” and the nearby area “Klazomenai”, now called Sakız adası and Urla iskelesi respectively. Alaçatı’s name appeared in the sources for the first time during the early Ottoman era as “The Itineraries of Evliya Çelebi”. The town received its name “Alacaat” from an Alacaat tribe who had settled in the village. In the 1830s, the history of this town began to take a turn for the better when one of the region’s prominent people, Haji Memis Agha invited impoverished Greeks from Chios, which was rocked by earthquakes in those years to the city to work in different jobs: while the local population was fighting wars, young Greeks started to work in the vineyards and olive plantations. While immigrants fleeing the Balkans in the 1912 Balkan War began to settle in Alaçatı, Greeks began to leave. Turkey and Greece signed the “Population Exchange” treaty in 1923, and around 2 million people were displaced from their homes.


Alaçatı today


Alaçatı is a town and part of the Çeşme Municipality on the west coast of Turkey next to İzmir. The historic town is known around the world for its unique architecture of stone houses. The old city center offers a wide range of restaurants and bars with fine Turkish cuisine, as well as boutiques. The town is perfect for walking around and enjoying the authentic, colorful streets. The area is also famous for the marina and the development of Alaçatı Port. This place is world famous for windsurfing and has one of the best facilities for people who want to kitesurf or windsurf, including schools and professional courses. The region has become famous for hosting international windsurfing championships and the well-known PWA tournament.


Alaçatı Villas and Real estate


The typical houses and real estate in Alaçatı city center are generally renovated stone houses and are quite rare. In the neighborhoods outside the center, a mix of modern villas and stone houses is emerging. Most of these properties in Alaçatı are semi-detached or detached villas, and prices range from $400,000 to $800,000. As the popularity of this area increases every year, appreciation in value is quite common. Currently, about 90% of the population owning holiday homes in Alaçatı are wealthy people. from İzmir and Istanbul. Aegean Locations is the largest and only foreign real estate agency in Çeşme and Alaçatı. If you are looking for a holiday home or real estate in Alaçatı, browse through our large selection of current offers.

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If you are looking for properties or a holiday house in Alaçatı and Çeşme, just simply browse to our wide variety of Villas. You can click on the details or contact one of our agents directly. Since we are located in Çeşme and Alaçatı, it is always possible to schedule a live video call at the property or to send you extra videos of a particular villa in Alaçatı.