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At Norwest Anglican we is jesus god, are god and jesus different adore to virtually and humbly explore who Jesus is together. Our hope is to be a church dedicated no longer to religious traditions however understanding and taking part in Jesus.

Jesus, the Son of God, entered our international that first Christmas on a rescue undertaking. Christians for millennia have acknowledged that God’s response to a broken and rebellious global wasn’t to give us up or solid us aside however to shop us.

Jesus is actually human, having experienced a regular delivery, youth and upbringing. He lived with a circle of relatives in a regular first century Jewish residence. At instances he felt weary, hungry and thirsty. He experienced ache and suffering while he was tortured and crucified. He felt a complete variety of emotions; He was tempted to reject God, but he remained devoted.

And but, Jesus is also without a doubt God. The eyewitness records of his life tell of his divine strength and victory over evil. He healed the unwell, loved the damaged, taught the truth, forgave sins, condemned religious hypocrisy, ruled over natural forces or even raised people from the dead.