Main Techniques and Tools


Man has generally been connected to the cowhide: he took care of and warmed himself through the skin of creatures, yet not just, calfskin material was likewise used to impart through the etching of straightforward drawings or the language of signs on it. Leathercraft With the development, the death of the ages and innovation, calfskin has become increasingly more a material utilized and worked, frequently unwittingly at the focal point of the existence of each individual, up to the present time arriving at its most extreme articulation, that is the production of extravagance things and cowhide make at the most significant levels.

Cowhide working procedures

The fundamental cowhide working procedures are:




Etching/Stamping (Tooling)


Laser or hand cutting





Cowhide painting comprises in the utilization of water based shades or tones, which are consumed by the pores of the skin however don’t enter into the calfskin and stay on a superficial level. This method can be applied on semi-got done (outside) or currently completed calfskin.


Cowhide coloring is not the same as painting, as the second is a method with which the paint stays just on the outer layer of the skin, while coloring is assimilated into the skin. Since water-based varieties or colors stay just cursorily on the skin, the artwork method isn’t normally utilized in adaptable or twisting articles, since they would break or wear out; for this situation the cowhide surface to be painted is accordingly prudent to be fixed along with something inflexible. Rather coloring, is normally completed with liquor based items (aniline) that enter inside and permit to acquire significantly more fulfilling and proficient outcomes.


Foam cutting comprises of compacting wet skin, using instruments, to get three-layered impacts and themes to the skin. The most involved apparatuses for cutting are: revolving blade, veiner, incline, pear, modeler, seeder and different devices for chiseling and for the foundation.

Etching and Stamping (Tooling)

The cowhide tooling or etching comprise in the use of stamps to be hit with a mallet to come down on a superficial level, to make engraves on the skin’s surface. This method is normally completed on vegetable tanned cowhide, saturated with water to make the surface functional without limit. Toward the finish of the work the skin is normally waterproofed with oils, waxes and fats to keep the plan from being distorted.