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However, it’s miles NOT vital to have forty separate credit for every company (that would require eighty credit overall).Nevertheless, there may be ability for confusion.On the Royal College MainPro MOC site, some kinds of activity ask whether the CPD become accredited (sure / no).It does not specify accepted by means of the Royal College.At gift therefore, a physician ought to solution “YES” despite the fact that the activity become approved by the CCFP or by way of some other company.It is not regarded if the Royal College will trade this within the future.

The Royal College Continuing Professional Development Unit has confirmed that the specified MOC credit can be met from activities related to the doctor’s primary (sub)distinctiveness or AFC and now not absolutely referring to Hyperbaric Medicine. Hyperbaric Certification Quebec family physicians may additionally choose out of using the CCFP for MOC documentation and instead hold a personal journal of CPD activities.This could now not suffice for the Diploma at the moment.

Physician licensing at provincial level (except Quebec) requires participation in MOC through the Royal College or the CCFP.It could appear therefore that a physician running in Hyperbaric Medicine with the Diploma should opt to participate handiest via the Royal College and that this would fulfill licensure requirements.In that occasion but, the CCFP may want to require a doctor registered handiest with the Royal College MOC program to stop the usage of “CCFP” after their name.The courting among the Royal College and the CCFP is challenge to on-going discussions and it isn’t recognized presently whether there may be agreements among the two corporations that resolve a number of the regions of duplication and uncertainty.

Credits involve some type of self-evaluation or simulation and those are given triple credit score by means of the Royal College.For this cause, participation for an afternoon inside the Hyperbaric Emergency Training Simulation (HETS) route held each 12 months in conjunction with the CUHMA Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) might on its personal account for simply over half of the credits required.And attending the ASM as well could then come close to the overall required for the yr.Personal Learning Projects are a easy manner to fulfill MOC requirements.Many CPD activities would be applicable to each the Royal College and the CCFP, including a conference, BLS or ACLS education, ethics, opioid prescribing, wound care, diabetes care and many others.Attendance at rounds, participation on a committee, analyzing approximately a topic and different sports additionally may be counted.


To whole the application for the Diploma, all required proof should be uploaded to eDiploma.This evidence calls for anonymized case summaries, consultations and different medical documentation of patients assessed and managed.For a schooling software the files might be uploaded contemporaneously.For the PER-AFC applicant, assembling all of the evidence required will involve some effort however there is greater flexibility in what would be desirable because getting facts from the beyond is not as truthful.However the same standard of competency is predicted whatever the course to certification.For PER-AFC candidates pursuing the Clinical Hyperbaric Medicine circulation, the applicant have to also offer the names of  referees familiar with their practice and offer their referees with a brief “Scope of Practice” document.For a education application, the schooling director, committee and supervisors will provide documentation to assist the utility