Granite Bay Pool Service


If your pool carrier expert is not to be had or might decide upon now not to carry out those techniques, our group of educated experts at Alan Smith Pools might be happy to perform the preliminary water treatment procedure.

Our crews, throughout the procedure of transforming your swimming pool, take terrific delight in cleaning and removing all production materials from your private home every day of the venture. A thorough and very last easy up is achieved at of completion. If you have any questions on our system, please don’t hesitate to call or touch Alan Smith Pools. Our group is here to assist and guide you in any way we will.

Some finishes consisting of Quartz in a darker end, Hydrazzo, Beadcrete, or Pebble require an acid wash to protect the end. If you’ve selected one of these, our professional technicians are skilled in acid washing and will correctly and speedy whole the system.

After the pool resurfacing task is completed, we do away with any particles after which begin to upload water in your pool. We’ll ask you to assist by means of turning off the water whilst it reaches your waterline tile’s middle location.

Swimming pool carrier specialists ought to deliver your pool an Initial Water Treatment.

During the first week, your expert pool carrier should follow some Initial Water Treatment programs. When your pool is crammed once more, cautious monitoring may be wished for even curing. This is a very important step for preserving the splendor of your pool. It additionally helps make bigger the floor cloth’s lifespan. We would be happy to perform this non-obligatory provider for you, so please ask us about it.

Our pool professionals are right here to reply any questions you can have about our pool resurfacing manner, so don’t hesitate to contact us.Ah, swimming pools. Pool Service in Granite Bay Whether humble aboveground 15-footers or elaborately designed in-ground beauties, swimming swimming pools are fresh oases in backyards everywhere. They can be exercise-inducers, playgrounds, or without a doubt soothing surfaces on which you can drift and take in vitamin D.

Pools are even fine just to examine—except after they’re now not. Perhaps more than every other landscaping characteristic, a unnoticed pool radiates an air of disappointment. If yours has gotten rundown, you in all likelihood need to avoid it rather than dive right in.

Fortunately, it’s possible to rejuvenate a pool. A new lining might be the simple answer for an aboveground pool that’s misplaced its luster. If you want to sit up a tired fiberglass or concrete in-floor pool, keep in mind resurfacing.


Thanks to its flexibility and resistance to shifts inside the ground, fiberglass is a popular desire for resurfacing. To start, your contractor will make things as smooth as possible by way of filling in, reinforcing, and sanding any cracks or chips.